Open Days are organised throughout the year. Some events are major, such as the National Gardens Scheme open days, and are organised well in advance. Most open days however are quieter affairs, but tea or coffee is usually available.

 Events planned for 2019
(Please note that no dogs other than guide dogs are allowed)


May 7th (Tuesday)

Private booking by garden club.

May 9th (Thursday)

Private booking by garden club.


May 12th (Sunday)

Open Day in aid of the National Gardens Scheme.  The NGS supports many well-known charities, being particularly strong in all aspects of health care.  
Garden open from 1pm to 5pm.  Admission £4.00.  Accompanied children free.  Guide dogs only.  Some disabled parking available on-site.  Plant Sales, (in aid of NGS).  Refreshments in aid of Overgate Hospice. 

May 15th (Wednesday)

Open Day in aid of the National Gardens Scheme. Details as above.

May 28th (Tuesday)

 Private booking by garden club.

June 2nd (Sunday)

Open Day organised by Overgate Hospice.  Admission £4.00.  Accompanied children free. Guide dogs only.  Refreshments available.

June 17th (Monday)

 Private visit by local group..

June 28th (Friday)

Private booking by local group. 

July 13th (Saturday).

 Private booking by local group..